You are what you eat!!

This statement is very true and this is why we stick to a very strict and balanced diet for all our of bugs here at DNG. We believe that a good healthy reptile starts with a good healthy feeder. If the feeder has a good diet your reptile will reap the benefits, adding to a long healthy life. We keep all of our own stock clean and on a diet of homemade bug chow with fresh veggies/fruits 1-2 times weekly. Healthy feeders for healthy breeders makes amazing healthy babies.

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Blaptica Dubia

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The Blaptica Dubia or orange spotted roach is a perfect feeder for any of your reptiles. They have an amazing meat to shell ratio which means less for your reptile to digest and more bang for your buck. They have very soft exoskeletons which is also better for your reptiles. Dubia roaches compared to crickets are extremely quiet and don’t smell as much.

• 50 count up to 1/2inch $21.00 USD
• 100 count up to 1/2inch $35.00 USD

Supper Worms

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Now selling 250 and 500 Counts of superworms $21.50 shipped.

Superworms make an excellent part of a varied diet for many reptiles and amphibians. Other feeder insects to consider as prey items include appropriately sized: crickets, mealworms, silkworms, cockroaches, fruit flies, earthworms etc…Be sure to research your pet’s diet very carefully when choosing the most appropriate diet! A vast majority of the nutritional imbalances often seen in reptiles result from a poor and/or unbalanced diets.

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• 250 count $21.50 USD
• 500 count $40.00 USD


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Ever wonder how breeders get their reptiles so big. Well, it begins with good nutrition for your feeders. If your feeders have good nutrition they will send the benefits to your reptiles. Our bug chow is freshly home-made and organic. Some people use cat/dog food as fillers. But here at DNG we use only the best for our reptiles. You decide

• 1/4 lb $8.75 USD
• 1/2 lb $16.50 USD